An Overview of the Potent Blue Meanie Mushrooms

Blue Meanie is a popular name in the world of magic mushrooms. This Psilocybe cubensis strain is known for its potency and powerful psychedelic trips. Blue Meanie is also known for its intense blue color when touched. This blue hue typically indicates a high psilocin content.

The Blue Meanie cubensis strain is easy to grow, fruits rapidly, and is resistant to contamination. This magic mushroom strain also has a short colonization time. Blue Meanie liquid spores are widely available for sale. This strain is ideal for beginners and intermediate growers to experiment with as they dabble in mycology.


The Blue Meanie strain traces its origins in southeastern Australia, where it was first discovered. The history of Blue Meanie in the wild and its use among locals is rare and nonexistent.

The origins of the Blue Meanie cubensis strain can be traced precisely to southern Australia. However, a mycologist named ”The Keeper” is credited with creating the Blue Meanie strain.


The Blue Meanie magic mushroom tends to have a thin look featuring stripes and a reach up to 6-12 cm tall. The caps of this mushroom are unique and easily identifiable. Blue Meanie produces large caps that start off looking golden/brown. These caps usually fade around the edges as they mature, leaving them with a unique cracked look.

The Blue Meanie strain has a unique appearance characterized by a deep blue color that appears anywhere you touch. This strain bruises easily due to its high psilocybin content.


The Blue Meanie strain is among the most potent Psilocybin strains. You can expect the psychoactive effects of Blue Meanie to kick in about forty-five minutes to an hour after ingestion—the impact of Blue Meanie trips usually lasts for about three to five hours.

Blue Meanie produces a powerful feeling of euphoria filled with auditory, visual, and physical hallucinations. The Blue Meanie trip can be felt throughout the body and has a profound reflective side.


Blue Meanie is one of those strains that can be grown via spores. Its spores can be sourced from several places, but Magic Spore Labs is arguably the best source. This brand, although relatively new, offers only premium spores. All spores by Spore Labs undergo testing for potency and purity before sale.

You can buy Blue Meanie liquid spores at Magic Spore Labs for only $17.00. These spores with 10cc syringes and a 1.5″ 20 gauge sterile dispensing needle.

Like other liquid spores, Blue Meanie spores can last for weeks and months if stored properly. It is recommended to keep your spore syringes in air-tight bags before placing them in the refrigerator.

Although storing in the fridge is ideal, you should ensure your Blue Meanie spores never freeze. The freezing process causes the spore cells to explode as the water expands as freezing occurs.

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