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Cake Sleeper Blend Disposable Vape Review

The Cake sleeper blend disposable vape is taking the alternative product scene by storm. The vape is packed with impressive features, a host of cannabinoids, and a proprietary terpene blend to provide you with the best experience. If you are looking for a device that offers an elevated experience, this might be what you are looking for. This piece explores all the features you can expect from this highly sought after Cake disposable. 

Product description

Compact and portable

Cake sleeper blend disposable vape is a perfect-sized device that is the same size as your palm. This device sits perfectly in your palm, making it compact. It is portable, and you can carry it on your adventures. Cake sleeper blend disposable vape is a device you will love, judging by its convenience in different places.

High distillate capacity

The Cake disposable vape has a relatively high distillate capacity of 1.5 grams. This distillate is a blend of live resin delta 8, delta 10, THC-P, and THC-O with strain-specific terpenes. This combination of compounds guarantees you euphoric effects that will have you glued to this device. While most brands produce alternative product vapes with a low capacity of 0.5 to 1 gram, Cake takes the game a notch higher with an impressive 1.5 grams vape distillate capacity.

Integrated battery

Cake sleeper blend disposable vape has an integrated battery of high capacity that will support you through all the puffs. This battery is rechargeable, granting you lengthy vaping sessions to the last puff. Long vaping sessions are one of the most outstanding features that you should look out for when purchasing cake sleeper blend disposable vape.

Ergonomic mouthpiece

Cake sleeper blend disposable vape is highly convenient for you because it ensures zero distillate spillage; this device has an ergonomic mouthpiece that perfectly locks with your mouth, delivering the distillate directly into your mouth. For an incredible vaping session, consider adding the cake sleeper blend disposable vape to the favorites list.

Serving size

This Cake bar disposable vape is a satisfying device that provides long lasting effects with 2-3 puffs; each puff is flavorful and highly concentrated with a good proportion of strain-specific terpenes. These terpenes influence the taste of this vape by ensuring an original taste of cannabinoids.

Total Delta 9

For a substantial proportion of effects, cake sleeper blend disposable vape has delta 9 distillate in a proportion below 0.3%. This amount is enough to create euphoric effects on your body as well as relieve symptoms associated with specific conditions such as anxiety. The amount of THC is below 0.3% in accordance with the federal laws.


Cake sleeper blend disposable vape is made in different flavors that give you the original taste of cannabinoids and an after-feel of different fruity tastes. These flavors are developed using the latest technology and the most experienced professional mixologists. Cake sleeper blend disposable vape flavors are apple pie, bear claw, the ghost of Jack, mango crack, melon express, mimosa, pineapple sherbet, sex on the beach, and strawberry. If you want a disposable vape that slows you to choose an authentic flavor, then this cake sleeper blend disposable vape is available.

Where to purchase the Cake sleeper blend disposable vape 

You can purchase the cake sleeper blend disposable vape directly from the Superstrain website for $29.99 each. This is the leading online vape store that stocks a wide range of products to suit the needs of different consumers. Visit the site today and enjoy multiple deals and discounts, including free shipping for orders above $29.99.