Delta Extrax THC Rox D-9/THC-O.

The brand Delta Extrax facilitates finding and experimenting with new Delta products. By releasing some of the best products we have ever seen, Delta Extrax has established itself as one of the best brands on the market. You can find various products and strains under this brand and many fresh ways to enjoy them.

A well-known alternative product company, Delta Extrax, has developed a number of fresh and intriguing Delta products using the best cannabinoids available. This company has produced some of the best hemp products currently available and continues to produce more for us to enjoy.

With so many new brands on the market, Delta Extrax has emerged as one of the top options. This incredible brand and its products will undoubtedly be at the top of your list because of the wide selection of disposable Delta-8 vapes, cartridges, and extraordinary edibles that have all been demonstrated to deliver amazing effects with exceptional tastes.

What’s more?

One of the newest products from the stable of Delta Extrax is the Delta Extrax THC Rox D-9/THC-O.

Delta Extrax Delta 9 THC Rox are edible candies that pop and fizz in your mouth. These THC Rox are created using a high-quality Delta 9 THC and THC-O blend. Try the Blue Raspberry pack for tart blue raspberry flavors. Grab the Tropical Blast pack if you like sweet, tropical fruit notes. Choose the Cherry Limeade pack if you enjoy both sweet and tart flavors. You can go a step further and try all the 3.


Suggested use

Although each pack is regarded as one serving, we advise consuming half of it sublingually to build up your tolerance. To get the desired result, gradually up the dose.


Is Delta 9 Rox Legal?

Yes, the 2018 Farm Bill makes this product legal on a federal level. This product’s total Delta 9 THC content is less than 0.3% on a dry weight basis. Delta 9 THC is the primary psychoactive substance found in marijuana, but it is also a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in hemp. Products with a Delta 9 concentration of less than 0.3% are permitted by federal law.


Product Specifications

  • One serving per pack
  • One pack per order
  • 10mg of Delta 9 THC per pack
  • 5mg of THC-O per pack
  • Total 15mg THC per pack


About Delta Extrax

The THC from Delta Extrax is intended to help you continue living a healthy, active lifestyle. Different cannabinoid blends are present in the all-natural, plant-based, and hemp-derived products offered by Delta Extrax. Delta Extrax works hard to produce the best hemp-based products possible.

Price and Availability

All Delta Extrax products can be purchased on Superstrain online store at the best competitive price. Generally, Superstrain supplies some of the best hemp products on the market, and Superstrain makes it a duty to provide first-class customer service and support that consumers can rely on



The Delta Extrax THC ROX D-9/THC-O is a candy rock infused with THC derived from hemp, offering a fresh and enjoyable way to enjoy your favorite alternative products. This product offers a fantastic and exciting way to enjoy Delta Extrax products. This product will undoubtedly result in a novel experience because it fizzles and pops in your mouth. You can’t afford not to have a taste.


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