Medusa XL Battery Review

Product Description

The Medusa XL Battery is made to give your cartridge the best possible power, enabling you to get the most out of the effect and flavor of your preferred Medusa cartridge. With the variable voltage feature of this XL battery, you can personalize your vaping experience while maintaining your sense of style.

This powerful but portable large-capacity battery is simple to use. It has an impressively long lifespan and is designed to work with all Medusa cartridges in addition to a sizable number of other cartridges currently available on the market, thanks to its 510 threaded connector pin. Look no further if you have been searching for the ideal battery to use with your Medusa cartridge.

The 2-gram Medusa Carts are designed to fit flush with the XL Battery, which operates without a hitch.

With its enormous capacity, you can rely on the Medusa XL to keep you vaping for days while you are on the go. It is incredibly affordable, safe, and provides consistent performance! The Medusa XL battery charges the device from 0 to 80% in just 12 minutes. It charges just as quickly because of its fast charging feature. A micro USB cable is included with the device to allow for charging.

The Medusa XL battery is made to produce just the right amount of power so that your oil or concentrate can be vaporized without being burned. It supports variable voltage, allowing you to choose between 2.8v and 4.2v.

Smart heating is one of the distinctive features of the XL 510 battery. The device will automatically adjust the voltage to suit the heating element in your cartridge. Additionally, it has a preheating mode that enables the vaporizer to prime your oil; this feature is typically only found on much more sophisticated vaporizers.

The device has an automatic shutoff feature for your safety. If you do not use the device for 15 minutes, it will turn itself off.

Technically speaking, the Medusa XL Battery is not a battery in the sense of a 18650 or 21700 battery, for example. It is more of a basic vape battery or mod. It has a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery built right into it. Start vaping by simply inserting your cartridge into the device. Your cartridge is kept in place by the 510 threaded connection, which prevents rattling.

The Medusa XL has a flush and incredibly responsive firing button. It starts producing vapor the moment you hit the button. The device is made to last. It will not break if it falls due to its strong chassis.

The Medusa XL 510 battery is very lightweight. Whether you are at home, leaving for a party, or simply going about your daily business, you can easily fit it in your pocket or bag.


How to Use the Medusa XL Battery

It is incredibly simple to use the Medusa XL battery. It functions like any other vape mod or battery. To turn it on/off, quickly press the firing button five times. Press the firing button three times to change voltage levels. Simply press the firing button twice to start the preheat function.

How many puffs can one get from the XL Battery?

The response to this question depends on several variables, including the intensity of each hit. The battery power will run out more quickly if you take strong, long hits. However, the battery will last longer if you only take quick hits. The good news is that it will easily last the average user several days or more, which is why it was the XL Battery.



With its numerous qualities, Medusa XL Battery can be said to be underpriced because Medusa does not just exist to make a profit but to put customers’ interests first. It sells for only $14.99 on Medusa D8 online store.