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STLTH 470mAh Replacement E-juice Pods Flavor Review

Pod systems come and go, but the STLTH is definitely different. The device presents experienced vapers with an ideal secondary device that does not relent on aesthetics and performance while still being discrete enough for STLTH vape sessions everywhere. 

While the device itself is pretty impressive considering how long it has been on the market and has not lost its relevance, this article would lean more on a review about the different prefilled flavors that you can now try out from the STLTH collection.

A Little About The Device

The STLTH 470mAh pod device is small enough to fit in your pocket or your palm for vaping when you’re on the go. The device’s dimensions are 4.33 x 2.56 x 0.79 cm, and its classy one-color design and rounded edges give it a sophisticated look. You get to choose from 4 vibrant colors: Navy Blue, Black, Gray, and Rose Gold.

The company logo and a little LED that serves as a battery level indicator are both located at the base of the vape pen’s body, letting you know when you are about to run out of juice.

Speaking of running out of power, the STLTH pod device comes with a 420mAh battery and has a USB-C fast charging port underneath it that enables you to charge the device from zero to 100 in a matter of minutes.

The device is equipped with an energy-saving feature that turns off the heating element after ten seconds of use. As a result, the STLTH is always safe to use.

Without further ado, let’s get to the main event, the STLTH pod flavors.

STLTH Flavor Pod Review

You won’t have to worry about changing coils or creating a mess while refilling because the STLTH pods, which work hand in hand with the STLTH device, are not refillable. A ceramic coil that provides exceptional flavor and assures a long life is included with each pod. It closely resembles smoking a real cigarette because the drag is also constrictive.

One of the strongest and smoothest nicotine hits you’ve ever experienced will come from the STLTH Nicotine Salt-infused e-juice flavors, which are found inside the pod, and it is possible to buy STLTH pods like these on Hazetown Vapes.

You can pick from the more than 20 intriguing flavors of e-juice. Let’s explore a few of them:

  • Kiwi Ice: This flavor, which is also possibly their most tasty taste, delivers a delectable blast of Strawberry Kiwi with an Icy finish flavor.
  • Raspberry Apple Ice: Looking for a mix of fruits and menthol? Then this prefilled flavor pod has got your back. On both the inhale and exhale, it rewards you with a delicious serving of raspberry apple finished off with a chilling menthol sensation.
  • Pink Lemon: If you are one of the vapers that enjoy the incredibly popular pink lemonade flavor, then this unique replica is sure to appeal to your taste buds and keep you vaping all day long.
  • Blue Lemon Ice: Here’s to a chilled blue raspberry lemonade. Every ounce of flavor that you get from this e-juice flavor blend is exactly what you would imagine.
  • Peach Ice: Lovers of fruits and especially peaches are about to go crazy with this flavor. STLTH did not stop at creating a flavorful peach vape but also infused a cooling menthol finish to keep things interesting every time you puff. 

How To Get Your Hands On One

The STLTH device and its replacement pods are sold separately, but you can get them at a very affordable price from one of the best Canada vape shops, Hazetown Vapes, and the store carries a  wide range of prefilled flavors for great prices.