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How to Fix a Disposable Vaporizer

Have you experienced weak or no hits from a disposable device, although it’s new? Does the light blink or not flash at all? You have just found the page you need, whether your disposable vape is not hitting, leaving a burned taste in your mouth, or displaying some other issue. This article is the ultimate guide you need to fix your disposable vape pen. Here are some tips, so you never have to deal with your brand new disposable vape not working.

  1. Disposable Vape Not Hitting

The main issue you will encounter with a disposable vape is that it is not hitting. When you inhale, the light might blink, but no vapor will emerge. Perhaps nothing at all occurs when you inhale. Your vape pen might not be hitting for a number of reasons, but we will start with the most likely one.

  • Out of e-liquid: Simply running out of e-juice is the most frequent cause of a disposable vape ceasing to function. The average disposable vape contains enough e-liquid for up to 200 puffs, but the operative phrase here is “up to.” If you inhale deeply or vape frequently enough to keep the device’s coil heated, you will not likely get that many puffs. You can view the amount of remaining e-liquid through windows on some disposable vapes. If you cannot see vape juice through the window, it is probably done.
  • The battery is dead: Your disposable vape indicator light can tell you how the battery is doing if it has one. When you inhale, does the light flicker or turn a different color, usually red? Is the device completely inactive? Most likely, the battery is dead. In some cases, if you leave a dead disposable vape alone for several hours, you might be able to squeeze out one or two more puffs. The battery life of a disposable e-cigarette is typically adjusted to be a little longer than the e-liquid supply. So, the pod will typically be empty if your device’s battery is dead.
  • Airflow is blocked: When you take a puff, airflow travels through your device, bringing vapor to your mouth. If your device is not hitting, chances are that the airflow is blocked. You can fix this by warming your device with a hair dryer or by putting it close to any warm surface. You can also cover one of the device’s intake vents with your finger while inhaling.
  1. Weak Hits

Your nicotine strength may not be appropriate for you if your disposable vape only gives you weak hits. The next time you shop, think about getting a device with a stronger nic level. However, if the device has previously worked and has now become less satisfying, or if you want to get a stronger hit from your disposable vape, these suggestions may be helpful.

  • Block the airflow vent: You can block the intake vent of your device to increase the air pressure. Another result of covering the vent with your finger is that it lessens the cooling effect of the incoming air, making the vapor warmer and stronger. Give it a shot if your device is not providing you with the satisfying, large rips you like.
  • Break air bubbles: If air bubbles develop around the wicks of your pod, you might experience weak hits. To remove the air bubbles, gently tap the device against a table. You should experience some nice hits once more after giving the wicks a few seconds to become wet.

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