Vaping Review

Review of Hype Vape

Review of Hype Vape

The hype vape pen is a disposable e-cigar device that arouses smoking. The pen comes with a battery that charges the atomizer. The pen produces a hot liquid solution that generates vapor the user inhales. The pen provides a simple way of vaping to its users. The manufacturer of hype vape pens has a retail shop that stocks all types of supplies and accessories to enable users to access all their vaping needs in one place. Some items you can get in the hype vape shop include; e-cigars, vape supplies, e-cigar accessories, mods, e-liquids and e-juices, and atomizers.

The hype vape pen comprises 2000 puffs per cell which are long-lasting compared to other disposable puffs on the market. The device comes with fully charged batteries and is refilled- hence puffers don’t have to worry about anything. The hype vape pen is ideal for any experience, especially for vapers who prefer an excellent vaping experience. The vape pen boasts different flavors that vapers can choose according to their needs. The vapes are divided into fruit flavors, menthol fanatics, and dessert connoisseurs. Some of the flavors of these hype vape pens include; Hype max flow guava ice, Hype max flow lush ice, Hype max flow raspberry lemonade, and Hype max flow strawberry watermelon.

The hype vape pen e-cigar forms a cloudy vapor comprising certain substances when inhaled. The vapor content is made of nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol, and nitrosamines. Other extra additives vary contingent on the user preference. The hype vaping pen is made with a draw-inspired firing formula. The design enables the disposable hype bar pod to pre-fill nicotine salt vapor. The nicotine salt strength of the vapor is 5% or 50mg. This tiny vape pen can fit into the vaper’s palm, is portable and pocket fit.

The pen compresses a 280mAh battery plus 1.3 ml of e-juice in its internal reservoir. Other specifications of the hype vape pen are; two years life expectancy of each pen, a Vg to Pg ratio of 70VG/ 30PG, an overheat protection system, and its electric system is shielded from short-circuiting. Another outstanding characteristic of the vape hype pen is its discrete nature. The user can move everywhere with the pen without being noticed. Another admirable feature of the hype vape pen is the long battery life which is opportune for the user. The consumer can thus enjoy their smoking sessions anywhere.

Hype vape pens come with mods that can change the look and functions of the vaporizer so that the look and experience are what the vaper expects during their sessions. The vape hype store has a wide variety of e-juices for e-cigars. The vape hype pens and mods also come in different designs, and every user can find a shape that suits their needs and is attractive to their eyes. Most vape users are thrilled by the mod’s vapor production quality. Thus, choosing an item that will produce the amount of vapor you prefer is critical. Also, remember to choose a vape with extensive battery life if you’re looking for reliability.

The vape hype pen has plenty of equipment, accessories, and supplies for e-cigars, including c-cigar kits, mods, atomizers, e-accessories, e-liquids, and vape supplies. Hype vape provides unique vaping sessions to satisfy every smoker’s needs. The pen is discrete and portable and can be carried anywhere, which is a surplus for users. The best place to purchase this vape pen and many more is at West Coast vape supply. They offer the lowest prices and best deals around!