Vaping Review

E-juice Can Reduce Nicotine Consumption: A Review

E-juice (vape juice) is the liquid used in electronic cigarettes and turns into vapor. In other words, e-juice is the main ingredient in vaporizers. E-Juice is a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin mixed with nicotine and flavoring. Many vapers use vape juice in their vape pens for a more flavorful experience. Others use it to add a sweet taste to their vapor clouds.


Although there are different e-juice in the market, West Coast Vape Supply specializes in some of the best premium e-juice in the vaping industry. Smoking cessation is the best thing you can do for your health as it can affect almost every organ in your body, especially the lungs and heart. Approximately a third of deaths resulting from heart disease are caused by conventional cigarette smoking and secondary smoke. Additionally, almost seven in every ten smokers would like to quit smoking to no avail. However, smoking electronic cigars or vaping is much better than using tobacco products.

West Coast Vape Supply offers premium e-juice, including; Naked 100, Candy King, Cuttwood, Vape Pink, and Vapetasia. All e-juice, regardless of the size or appearance, requires e-liquid to produce vapor. Every vaping liquid comes in different flavors, viscosities, and a plethora of nicotine strengths.

Understanding Nicotine 

Nicotine is a potent stimulant responsible for many of the drug-like effects of vaping. Furthermore, nicotine is the leading agent in traditional cigarettes and electronic cigars and is very addictive. It makes you yearn to smoke and encounter withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop. When the body is used to nicotine, the person will start feeling “kicks.” This may result after nicotine activates the adrenal glands upon releasing adrenaline. Once it activates the adrenaline, it raises your blood pressure, which increases your heartbeat and the possibility of cardiac arrest.


Nicotine is derived from tobacco plants, but unlike tobacco smoke, it hardly contains carbon monoxide or other toxic chemicals. The nicotine in e-juice comes from tobacco leaves fermented with enzymes similar to those found in your mouth and stomach. This process creates an alkaline solution that contains a range of organic compounds, including nicotine.


The nicotine in e-juice is highly purified — it has no additives or impurities and is 99% pure (99% pure means there are less than 0.01% impurities). It has been tested for purity by independent laboratories and meets all safety standards set by U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for food additives and medicinal products.


What Makes Vape Juice Special?

The juice you buy in the store is not just any old juice. It is pre-made, which means it has been mixed with other ingredients to help flavor the liquid. You can also buy the juice in different flavors and strength levels.

One of the main reasons why people prefer vaping over smoking is because they don’t have to deal with toxic smoke. This makes vaping more convenient than smoking because it has fewer dangers.


Vape juice comes in various flavors and strengths, so West Coast Vape Supply allows you to find the best vape juice that suits your needs. What’s interesting about West Coast Vape Supply‘s online store is that the e-juice range per unit starts from $12.75, and you can enjoy free shipping if you purchase products over $100.