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TAAT Tobacco-free Cigarettes Review

By now the dangers of smoking tobacco-based cigarettes are well known. People looking to quit nicotine addiction have sought several ways to achieve this goal. In recent years, vaping has been widely talked about as a way to get off nicotine addiction. This process involves weaning yourself off nicotine till you are completely independent of it. However, there are side effects to consuming vaping juices and several states in the US have begun the process to ban vape juices from being sold. What if I tell you there is another way, one cleaner than e-liquids and totally nicotine-free. Let me introduce you to herbal cigarettes, not just any herbal cigarette but TAAT.

TAAT is a US company that produces and sells high-quality alternative cigarettes that are nicotine and tobacco-free but taste, smell, burn and feel like it does. With these unique herbal cigarettes, you can continue enjoying smoking while staying away from nicotine. TAAT cigarettes contain high-quality CBD and other natural ingredients. You will not be able to taste the CBD content of TAAT cigarettes because of a secret ingredient, Beyond Tobacco. TAAT has patented Beyond Tobacco, a proprietary plant-based formula that makes the hemp content of TAAT sticks feel just like your favorite cigarette. TAAT cigarettes also contain 5 percent water and are free of other harmful additives or chemicals. These alternative cigarettes are MCT oil free.

TAAT alternative cigarettes are some of the most unique CBD products on the market. You can enjoy the sensations of smoking tobacco while enjoying the benefits of CBD. TAAT cigarettes are available in different flavors designed to mirror the flavors of popular tobacco brands flavors. The three main flavors in the TAAT collection are Original, Menthol, and Smooth.

Original: This TAAT cigarette has a captivating flavor. Smoking Original will remind you of smoking American Spirit Blue, Winston, and Marlboro Red.

Menthol: Menthol is the first alternative cigarette by TAAT to hit the market. This cigarette offers the flavor of fresh mint. The taste of Menthol is chilly and will impress smokers who enjoy cigarette brands like Newport, Marlboro Menthol, and Kool.

Smooth: This nicotine-free cigarette has a smooth light flavor and has been described as American Spirit yellow tobacco free cigarettes. Smooth will appeal to smokers who enjoy lighter flavored cigarettes like Marlboro Gold, Pall Mall Blue, and American Spirit Yellow.

TAAT cigarettes are also designed in packages similar to tobacco-based cigarettes. Each pack contains 20 TAAT sticks: you get 10 TAAT sticks per carton and two cartons per pack. You can buy each TAAT pack for $6.99 directly from the TAAT online store, Trytaat.com. You can also opt for a carton of TAATs which costs $59.99. A carton of Orginal contains 10 packs of 20 King-size cigarettes.

TAAT offers excellent shipping services on all orders. You can track your shipping progress since TAAT sends each customer a confirmation email with your shipment’s tracking information. You can reach the TAAT customer service team with all your questions. However, it should be noted that TAAT cannot ship to all states since hemp-based products are not legal in all 50 US states. Check the TAAT website for more information concerning your state.

TAAT also offers free shipping for all orders worth more than $40. And you get 50 percent off your orders if you use your first subscription code.

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