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Candy King Air Disposable Vaporizer Review

Candy King has been the go-to brand for the best menthol, fruit, and candy-flavored vape juices. The e-juices are specially crafted to excite every inch of the palate and to quench any carving one may experience. Given its success, Candy King has recently ventured into manufacturing disposable vapes, becoming an all-round vape company.

The Candy King Air disposable vape is a revolutionary product with a myriad of spectacular features. This device is the industry’s smallest vape promising an outstanding 6000 puffs full of mouthwatering flavor and smooth clouds. What’s more, Candy King utilizes 50mg of tobacco-free nicotine to ensure you have a seamless, safe, and authentic experience. Below are some of the features you can expect from this one-of-a-kind vape gadget.


Compact, comfortable, and convenient

This minute device is specially crafted to provide comfort and convenience. It is expertly finished for a natural, non-slip grip, an essential feature for anyone who enjoys vaping for prolonged periods. The compact size allows you to carry the device from one place to another easily. If you are a daily commuter or an adventure-seeking individual who is always on the go, this is the ultimate vape for you.

Aesthetically designed and comes in  bright, attractive colors

Candy King has gone all-in to ensure you get the dream vape dream. The Candy King Air disposable vape has a visually appealing design and a wide range of colors guaranteed to capture and hold your attention. The devices come in bright hues ranging from blue, cyan, green, orange, yellow, red, pink, and range.

Rechargeable integrated powerful battery plus 6000 puffs

Candy King Air disposable vapes have an enormous illiquid capacity and a powerful integrated battery that provide up to 6000 puffs. This is equivalent to 30 packs of cigarettes. Buying these 30 packs would cost a fortune, plus you would be exposing yourself to numerous toxins. Instead, Candy King provides you with a safer, cheaper, and easy to use alternative – the Candy King Air disposable vapes.

The battery is rechargeable, which ensures you get to enjoy up to the last drop of your vape juice. It uses a type C USB charger and charges within minutes to allow you to return to your vaping session in no time.

Variety of coveted flavors

Candy King incorporates its coveted and highly sought vape juices in these vape devices for the best experience. The Candy King Air disposable vape comes in 7 different flavors to suit the different tastes of vape enthusiasts. You can find them in the following flavors.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum: wholesome fruity blend

Sour Straws: perfect sour-sweet balance

Peachy Rings: enticing floral and sweet taste with subtle acidic notes

Hard Apple: delicious sweet and tart taste

Pink Squares: enjoy sweet and juicy mouthwatering flavors

Gush Fruits: combines five different fruits for the ultimate palate-provoking flavor

Mint Fresh: provides a sweet taste with a cooling exhale that keeps you coming back for more.

Superior vaping experience

Candy King Air disposable vape provides an unmatched vaping experience. The device offers the perfect balance of vapor and flavor rendition. This is one of the most recommended vape devices on the market, and for good reasons. Adding this to your collection guarantees convenience and satisfaction.

Where to buy Candy King Air Disposable Vape

The Candy King Air Disposable Vape is available at Guide to Vaping for $13.99. This is a very competitive price range for a device with outstanding features. Visit the site today and get this must-have vape device. You will also get treated to multiple deals and discounts on other products from Candy King and other Brands.


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