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TAAT Menthol Pack Review

Cigarette consumption is a culture that many individuals have grown accustomed to. However, tobacco cigarettes pose numerous risks to a consumer’s health. Due to its addictive nature, smokers find it very hard to quit nicotine-based products. There are several ways to curb cigarette addiction, such as relaxation, avoiding triggers, and replacement therapy. TAAT nicotine-free cigarettes make the quest to quit tobacco cigarettes much easier. These revolutionary replace cigarettes are made with a proprietary blend of hemp and food-grade ingredients. TAAT is unique because although the company makes hemp-based cigarettes, they taste and smell just like tobacco cigarettes. These cigarettes are free of nicotine, tobacco, MCT oil, and Vitamin A Acetate.

What does TAAT offer?

TAAT cigarettes come with different flavors namely Menthol, Smooth, and Original. Each one is unique. Let me tell you a bit about TAAT Menthol since it is my favorite. This menthol-flavored cigarettes mimic the taste and experience that you’d get from smoking Newport Cigarettes. TAAT understands the importance of retaining the sensory experience of traditional cigarettes. So, TAAT Menthol are crafted to look, feel, and taste like your favorite menthol cigarette. TAAT Menthol can be described as Newport nicotine-free cigarettes because the flavor is remarkably similar. You get the same unmatched feeling of placing the smoothly rolled paper between your fingers and blowing thick, cloudy smoke in the air as you listen to the crackling sounds of the stick as it burns. 

TAAT cigarettes contain up to 25% CBD and less than 0.2% THC. The high CBD content makes these cigaarettes highly relaxing and calming to its consumers. Studies in recent years show that CBD has numerous therapeutic benefits. CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system in various ways to bring about its effects. The low THC levels guarantee that these cigarettes won’t get you high.

Compared to tobacco cigarettes, TAATs are very affordable. You can get a pack of TAAT Menthol for only $6.99. A cartion with 20 packs cost $59.99. TAAT offers free shipping within the country if you spend $40 or more at the store. If you’re curious about the TAAT brand, you can get a free pack by visiting trytaat.com and following the instructions. 

TAAT cigarettes are perfect for anyone looking to cut off tobacco and nicotine. It allows you to wean off the hazardous substances without giving up on the overall experience and pleasure of smoking.

What is in the package?

Each pack of TAAT Menthol contains 20 sticks of minty cigarettes. They come in flip-top packs like tobacco cigarettes, and are around the same size.