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CBDFx Fresh Mint CBD Vape Pen Review

There are many ways people consume CBD, however, vaping is one of the most sought-after methods. Most choose vaping CBD because it is easier and the effects can be felt quickly. Out of the many brands offering CBD vape pens on the market, CBDFx has some of the finest you will find around. This US company offers a wide range of CBD products made using high-quality products made from organically grown hemp. CBDFx only sources hemp from farmers based in Kentucky. CBDFx also uses the CO2 extraction process to remove CBD oil from the hemp plant. This extraction process is widely considered one of the cleanest methods. CBDFx CBD products include tinctures, edibles, topicals, oils, capsules, vape juice, terpenes, and cbd gummies. And CBDFx terpenes are also included in many CBDFx products.

And all products made by CBDFx are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and is free from impurities, fillers, and Vitamin E acetate. This company also has all its products tested by a third-party lab before they are sold. The results of these tests are made available online for customers to read.
CBDFx has a range of vape pens with different flavors including CBD + Delta THC Vape Pen: Wedding Cake Hybrid, CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Pen: Maui Wowie Sativa, CBN + Delta-9 THC Vape Pen: Purple Punch Indica, OG Kush CBD Vape Pen, Strawberry Lemonade CBD Vape Pen, Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Pen, Fresh Mint CBD Vape Pen, and Pineapple Express CBD Vape Pen.

This post will focus on the Fresh Mint CBD Vape Pen by CBDFx. Fresh Mint as the name denotes has the flavor of fresh mint that will leave you feeling cool. Fresh Mint has a smooth natural flavor. When you inhale Fresh Mint, you get a blast of freshness. And on the exhale, the minty flavor with herbal notes of hemp becomes pronounced. This CBDFx vape pen has a pleasant taste that never becomes harsh or causes throat discomforts.
This vape pen is designed to be disposable ideal for discreet vaping. This CBDFx vape pen also comes charged, and pre-mixed. You will get about 400 puffs before Fresh Mint runs out. Fresh Mint comes with a ceramic coil offering about 1ml of CBD vape juice.

Fresh Mint contains 250mg of premium broad-spectrum CBD. This disposable CBD vape pen also contains a 50/50 PG and VG ratio. Fresh Mint will suit both people new to vaping and also experienced vaping enthusiasts.

Fresh Mint by CBDFx is draw-activated. There are no buttons on this CBD vape pen. This is one reason why this vape pen is easy to use.

Fresh Mint Vape Pen is available for sale at the CBDFx online store cbdfx.com. You can buy one of these disposable vape pens for $24.99. You get excellent customer service and fast shipping services buying directly from the CBDFx online store.