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Ccell Palm Cartridge Vaporizer Review

The CCell Palm vape is a cartridge vaporizer that is portable and easy to use. The cartridge is made of glass and comes with ceramic heating element, which helps to keep the vapor flavor pure. Its wickless design allows the cartridge to vaporize all types of oils effectively. The Palm will fit perfectly in the palm of your hands.

The CCell Palm Cartridge vaporizer is an oil and concentrate vaporizer. The vape does not have all of the features that one would expect from a concentrate and oil vaporizer like temperature control and variable voltage. The vape stays at 3.7 volts all of the time and cannot be changed. The cartridges are the only part of the device that can be customized. Choosing different resistances can drastically alter your vaping experience.

Usually, a lack of features would deter most people from purchasing a device, but this one has some benefits. To begin with, it has a few unique features, such as magnetic connection and a draw-activated design. Although the Palm may look very small, it has a powerful battery that can last for a whole day.

The CCell Palm is incredibly stealthy, which is one of the main advantages of using it. You can conceal it in your grip and vape in public without attracting much attention.

The Palm CCell is quite affordable. You can get this device for only $8.99 at the Westcoast Vape Supply online store.

Ccell Palm Vaping Experience

The vaping experience is the most essential aspect of this vaporizer, and the Palm CCell does not disappoint. Despite its diminutive size, it hits well above its weight. In addition, unlike most draw-activated batteries, the vape hits harder and faster. It produces excellent flavor and massive clouds.

Internal Building Quality and Design

The design of this device is nothing special, but the build quality is excellent. The vaporizer has a very simple exterior design. Magnetic thread adapters, a USB charging port, and a 510 threaded battery are all included with the vaporizer.

The CCell Palm is highly durable. Our testers dropped the device several times, but it sustained no damage except a minor scratch. The glass cartridge inside never broke because it was placed in the Palm battery.