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A Simple Guide To Pairing E Liquid Flavors

Have you ever thought about how your favorite commercial brands are able to come up with e liquids that feature multifaceted layers of flavors that take your breath away every single time you vape them? The answer is simple. It is because they spend a rich amount of time mixing those e liquids, and as a result, they are able to better control and perfect the different layers of flavor that you just vape and are blown away.

The idea behind this is simple. Some e liquid flavors go well with each other, while some e liquid flavors should not go together at all. The only difference between you and commercial brands is that they know the difference, but not for long. We have put together a simple guide to pairing e liquid flavors so that your own diy e liquid recipes can taste just as stellar as the pros.

Just before we begin, keep it at the back of your head that taste is subjective i.e. it differs from one person to another. As such, it is not completely possible to state that one e liquid flavor will be most preferable over the other. Regardless, one you learn the basics of pairing, you will be able to work with e liquid flavors that suit you.

What Does It Mean To Pair E Liquid Flavors?

Pairing e liquid flavors is ideally for vapers who make their own diy e liquid recipes. Pairing e liquid flavors involves creating an e liquid recipe made up of two e liquid flavors. Pairing e liquid flavors is a great way to get started on your diy e liquid journey. They are easy to think about, easy to mix, and ultimately, they can lead to some of the most jaw dropping e liquid flavors. 

As soon as you get the hand of pairing e liquid flavors, you will be able to use the same knowledge in advanced e liquid recipes.

Pairing E Liquid Flavors

E liquid flavors can be divided into categories. For starters, it is advisable to select your pairs from e liquid flavors in the same category as it makes it easier to handle them properly. Here are the common categories, and great places to start off your diy e liquid pairing journey:

  • Fruit Flavors

Fruits are an absolute favorite for just about everyone, even though some people may prefer one fruit to another. They are also fun to pair. With the millions of fruit flavors out there, the opportunities are endless. You are sure to find your suit even if you have the wildest preferences. 

Once you settle for a fruit pair that you will be working with, you want to max out the percentage of each fruit flavoring. If you are unsure, you can check flavor notes online to help with an estimate. In addition, some fruits are more potent than others and so will naturally be dominant in the recipe. As a result, you will need to experiment with percentages when pairing, and since you are only using two flavors, you cannot really mess it up.

  • Cream Flavors

This is where you find flavors like ice cream, milk, or cream flavors. Pairing these flavors are not as easy as with fruits, but they reward you with exceptional e liquid. Although there are not too many pairings you can do with cream flavors, you can still create interesting flavor pairs. You can pair two cream flavors like Mustard Milk, or you can pair one cream flavor with a fruit flavor to create something unique. 

  • Bakeries 

These e liquid flavors suit the number of vapers that appreciate sweet things. Of all the others, bakeries are the most complex as they present a dimension of texture that the rest (fruits and creams) do not have. It does not mean that they are impossible to pair, it only means that it will take more time to mix correctly. 

If you are going to be pairing e liquid, one of the most important aspects is to actually have the right type of flavorings. You can buy from https://flavorah.com as what you need is not just normal food flavoring, but flavoring designed for vaping.

Lastly, once you begin pairing e liquid flavors, there is no guarantee that you will get it 100% right on your first try. All you need is more time and practice. Once you perfect pairing e liquid flavors, you will be able to tackle more complex diy e liquid recipes.