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Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood Review

Unicorn Milk is the most popular e-liquid to date from Cuttwood. This is one of the oldest strawberry cream e-juice blends that you will find on the market. The mix is on point. It tastes deliciously rich. If you have tried other strawberry cream blends on the market, you still need to sample Unicorn Milk and you’d be impressed. The taste of this e-liquid is not overwhelmingly strong. Instead, the two main ingredients are combined uniquely, and the result is a delight for the taste buds.

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The cream flavor is more dominant than that of strawberry in Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk. The strawberry flavor is not too strong, but it is there. It doesn’t taste chemical or like candied strawberry. When vaping this e-juice, on the inhale you will get the taste of strawberry cream. On the exhale, the milky creaminess becomes very clear. This is one of the things that makes Unicorn Milk different from other strawberry milk blends out there. According to Cuttwood, four different cream extracts were used to create the milky flavor in this e-liquid. The cream flavor is the star of the show in the e-juice blend. If you are expecting a really strong, fruity strawberry flavor from Unicorn Milk, you may be a little disappointed. Unicorn Milk is sweet, but the sweetness level is not too much. This is one of those e-liquids that you can enjoy vaping all day.

Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. The e-juice has a thick texture. You can choose to drip this e-liquid or vape it from a tank. The taste does not change drastically when you vape it from a tank or RDA. If you want to really savor this e-liquid, you need to try it on an RDA. What’s more, Unicorn Milk will not gunk up your coils quickly.

Like other e-liquids from Cuttwood, Unicorn Milk is available in different nicotine levels. It comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg of nicotine. The throat hit is not one of the pros of this e-liquid. It barely has a throat hit. It moves smoothly through the throat without any harshness. If you want a warm and heavy throat hit, you need to try the version of Unicorn Milk with a high level of nicotine.

Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk comes in a clear childproof glass bottle with a dropper cap. It is very easy to drip on your coils or fill your tank with this e-juice. This e-liquid usually comes pre-steeped. However, do not be afraid to steep it if it doesn’t taste right. On the bottle, there is a black label with the Cuttwood logo and some information about the product.

Unicorn Milk made rounds in the vaping community a few years ago after it was revealed that Cuttwood uses titanium oxide in its recipe. Although the company insisted that the substance is not harmful to vapers, it appears the recipe for this e-liquid has been altered a bit since then to exclude titanium oxide.

Cuttwood is based in California. This company is one of the well-known US-based makers of premium e-liquids. Cuttwood does not have a large collection of e-liquids to its name.

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