Pina-colada vape juice review

Pina-colada vape juice is an excellent example of creativity in the vape industry. Well, it should no longer be a surprise that consumers are getting more demanding. Every tasty smoothie on the market can now be converted to a vape product. There are pineapple flavored, coconut flavored, and even rum flavor juices that make life so test so much better.

But have you ever imagined sipping on a pina-colada vape ejuice? Pina-colada is one of the best cocktails in the world. It is made from a blend of rum, pineapple, and coconut. Atomic Dog Vapor has somehow found a way to raise the stakes in this fantastic cocktail. They made the world of vaping more interesting by creating a rare combination that gives the world experience beyond expectation. 

This inspiration from Atomic Dog Vapor is a true reflection of enjoyment. It gives the sensation of a smoothie like no other. You will vape all day and never feel like you have had enough. 

Flavor description

Pina colada is often associated with getting caught in the rain. It makes the combination worth every cent. The pina-colada ejuice from Atomic Dog Vapor brings out an incredible feeling of sipping the tastiest pina colada. It is a product that sets its environment to make every puff perfect. It gives you a sensation you might never escape. The soothing hold it gets on you stays with you for a lifetime. And the fact that it is not too heavy makes it even more attractive. 

Atomic Dog Vapor has made it so that you can know what you are using, even in the dark. From every sip, you get the feeling of all ingredients on your tongue. Think of all the natural sweetness you get from pineapples. It makes this juice natural with throat perfect sweetness. 

It is the echo of sweet Mother Nature that hits your throat with every taste. Consider all the fun you feel while puffing through raindrops. The juice gives you a true feeling of power. 

Nicotine concentration

Atomic Dog Vapor is a real hero in creating high-grade nicotine. Such craftsmanship is transferred into the pina-colada vape juice. There are different levels of nicotine concentration, each set to meet user’s needs. The blends range from 0mg, followed by 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 24mg of nicotine. The experience is exceptional in each bottle as the natural flavors roll on your throat, eliminating that harsh throat feeling you get from other products. 

VG/PG ratio

Atomic Dog Vapor has beaten many products in terms of achieving perfect blends. With a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30 in the Pina-colada vape juice, you have every reason to smile. It is not too thick or too light. 

Many vapers would love to use a sub-ohm tank, or rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) to enjoy the product. It all brings fun and excitement to a package. You get a thick cloud from every puff, which amazingly is easy on the coils. You can enjoy your coils for a more extended period. 

Packaging design  

The 10ml Pica colada vape juice from Atomic Dog Vapor is packed in a small bottle with a dripper bottle. As you can expect, the bottle is well labeled with all useful information, including VG/PG, nicotine level, and flavor name, among others. The Atomic Dog Vapor logo is displayed as well. 

Price and where to buy

The Atomic Dog Vapor e-commerce site has everything you may need for the great vaping experience. The 10ml bottle retails at $3.99. 

There is no limit Atomic Dog Vapor won’t reach to give customers the best services. The company has everything from e-liquids to vaping hardware. It features among the top brands in the vape industry because of high-quality products.