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CBDfx CBD Oil Vape Additive Review: How I Settled at 500mg

Long before Kim Kardashian threw a CBD party, a lot of us already know about it. For most people, CBD is a relief to their anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and a long list of other illnesses. Derived from the cannabis plant, this compound helps produce a feeling of calm and tranquility minus the psychoactive effects.

With its increasing popularity, CBD can now be taken in a number of ways. But considering its high bioavailability rate of more than 50%, many are turning into vaping products as their source of CBD.

Many CBD makers are also joining the hype. Thus, the task of finding a reliable and trusted CBD source can be daunting. Since the use and production of this compound remain unregulated, many are taking advantage. To ensure you do not fall into the hands of predators, I highly recommend CBDfx.

I have been using the products of this California-based brand since forever. And throughout, it stayed consistent… both in flavor and quality. This is because the company ensures that it uses top-shelf ingredients. All its products are, in fact, made from 100% organically grown hemp plants that are sourced from the EU. Combining lab-tested full-spectrum CBD, scrumptious flavor, and high-quality ingredients, it is no wonder CBDfx has become most editors’ pick. 

I was already vaping when I learned about CBD. I was introduced to its CBD vape additives, and it got my interest. I find this route pretty convenient since I do not have to give up my favorite vape juices or at least I can still enjoy them as much as I want to. All I need was add drops of this vape additive to my vape juice, and voila, I am enjoying CBD and my e-liquid together.

Now, CBD vape additives are offered in different concentrations. Finding the right concentration level can be a bit of a struggle for first-time CBD users, but it is an important step. In my experience, when reviews like these were rare, I had to do a little experimentation.

I started with the lowest CBD concentration first. CBDfx has four concentration levels at 60mg, 120mg, 300mg, and 500mg. That process was a bit long and required lots of patience, by the way.

Fast forward to finishing my trials and errors, I eventually settled to 500mg CBD vape oil. Let me tell you why.

Many people would consider getting the lowest dose first because it has the cheapest price tag. For me, it was a cost-effective decision, but in the long run, I realized it wasn’t. I use CBD for my chronic back pain, mild anxiety, and insomnia, and taking 60mg of CBD was not enough. Thus, I have to use more than the recommended dose to experience an effect. So imagine just how short my 10mL bottle of 60mg CBD lasted?

I moved up to 120mg, to 300mg, and finally to 500mg. The strongest dose is Eureka. For my needs, it was a perfect choice. I only get to use a small amount of the vape additive, and I can experience its magic. Moreover, since I only needed a few drops, the taste of the vape juice is not entirely morphed into a pure CBD.

Vape additives can somehow alter the taste of your e-juice. Just think of the drastic change the 60mg and 120mg levels did to my favorite e-liquids. But if you love an earthy or tea-like taste, I don’t think you will have a problem at all.

CBDfx CBD vape additive 500mg is available at www.cbdfx.com for as low as $74.99 only (10mL bottle). There are deals you might be interested in also to save some bucks. CBDfx offers a 3-pack for $199.99 and 12-pack for $749.99. If you are a newbie with no mod setup yet, you can add a vape kit as well at only $104.99. The advantage of using CBDfx vape kit is that its mod or device is designed specifically for CBD.

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