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3 Awesome Humble Juice Flavors You Should Try: A Review

If you check Humble Juice’s website, the front page features “3 Awesome Flavors.” So, I sought to find out if the recommended e-liquid flavors – namely, Blue Dazzle, Peach Pleasure and Smash Berriez – are really worth the hype. Since Humble’s prices are really affordable, I didn’t think twice before getting all three bottles. This is my honest opinion about the blends.

1.    Blue Dazzle

“When blue razz meets cotton candy, you get ‘Blue Dazzle’ enjoy!”

You cannot go wrong with this vape juice. Blue Dazzle offers a dazzling blend of blue raspberry with your childhood favorite cotton candy. On the inhale, this e-juice delivers the sweetness and tartness of blueberry. The exhale is where the sweet and soft cotton candy taste appears. This will surely please those who have a sweet tooth.

This flavor reminds me so much of visiting the carnival. The good thing with this e-juice though is that I get to enjoy this fluffy cotton candy treat without packing some pounds.

2.    Peach Pleasure

“Delicious strawberries, mixed with dragon fruit, followed by perfectly ripe peaches equals perfection. Enjoy peach pleasure!”

Do not be deceived by the name of this e-juice. It does not only contain peach but many other flavors that will surprise you along the way. Ready to dig in?

On the inhale, this vape juice gives you the tart flavor of dragon fruit. What follows is the sweet and ripe notes of strawberries. The last hoorah is where all the pleasure comes from. Yes, I am talking about the peach flavor.

On the exhale, all these three fruits combine to blow you away. There is a satisfying sweetness and tartness to this blend.

The sweetness of this e-juice tastes natural. It does not taste like candies at all.

3.    Smash Berriez

“Everyone knows our award-winning Smash Mouth Flavor. Meet its brother. We took the same base and introduced blackberries. Another grand slam flavor. We hope you enjoy Smash Berriez.”

You know an e-juice flavor is so good when it quickly flies off the shelves. That is the case with Smash Berriez. It is so hard to get hold of it so you better grab one once it is available.

On the inhale, this vape liquid delivers the taste of berries, blackberry, and blueberry. The sweetness and tartness are well balanced. Shortly after, notes of custard flavor appear. It is rich and creamy.

All these Humble vape liquids are a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol. They will certainly appeal to both flavor and cloud chasers. They are all available with different nicotine levels too – 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine.

You can get a 120ml bottle of Blue Dazzle, Peach Pleasure, and Smash Berriez are still up for grabs for as low as $24.99 each.

Head over to the Humblejuice Company online store to get hold of these blends.