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Milk & Honey E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog Review

This e-juice tastes exactly as it is named. Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey is very sweet throughout with a thick, creamy vanilla flavor. This is a lovely e-liquid. The flavor profile is well executed. Milk & Honey is a sweet treat that you can enjoy for dessert. It is different from other e-liquids on the market with a similar flavor profile. This is one of the best e-liquids with honey flavor that I have ever tried.

Milk & Honey by Cosmic Fog tastes like peanut butter or a chewy, nougaty candy from back in the day. It tastes a bit like the last bit of milk left after a delicious bowl of honey nut cheerios. It is a very light vape that you can easily enjoy all day long. The marshmallow taste is yummy. The honey flavor almost makes it taste like honey cookies.

The milk flavor in Milk & Honey balances out the sweetness. It has a subtle taste like low-fat or skimmed milk. The creaminess of this e-juice goes well with the sweet marshmallow and honey. Cream and honey are usually overpowering in e-liquids, but they are well-balanced in this one. There seems to be a bit of banana in the blend.

Cosmic Fog’s Milk & Honey is an enjoyable vape juice. It is smooth and creamy without being custardy. Also, the sweetness level is not overpowering. I can taste the sweetness of the marshmallow and the creaminess of the milk, with just the honey in the background.

Milk & Honey by Cosmic Fog does not have any weird, artificial taste. It has a great depth of flavor to it and a rich creaminess. It is not too strong. Milk & Honey is perfect all day vape. It is very enjoyable.

Cosmic Fog’s Milk & Honey is recommended for vapers with a sweet tooth. It is a comforting and relaxing e-juice to enjoy at night before you go to bed. You get a silky, sweet, creamy milk flavor on the inhale and a bit of nuttiness. On the exhale, you get the spot-on taste of honey. The honey is very light and blends well. It tends to linger on the tongue for a bit. This e-juice tastes like honey nut cheerios and leaves you wanting more.

Milk & Honey has a nice cereal aftertaste. It tastes very sweet. The honey and milky remains on your tongue. Vaping this e-juice will remind you of drinking a warm glass of milk with honey mixed in. It has a slightly floral, spicy taste. This e-juice has subtle tones. It is not as full flavored and creamy as the actual drink.

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Milk & Honey by Cosmic Fog is 70/30. You can choose to vape this e-liquid using a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). It produces excellent thick clouds of vapor.  If you vape it with a tank, you get a light milky flavor and a sweetness like maple syrup. It leaves a sweet but very light peanut butter flavor in your mouth. Using a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA), you get a light milk flavor with a touch cream. You also get notes of honey with a faint taste of peanut butter.

Milk & Honey by Cosmic Fog is available with different nicotine strength levels. You can get this vape juice with either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg of nicotine. The throat hit is mild and satisfying. It is not harsh on the throat.

Milk & Honey has a cool packaging design. It comes in a dark see-through glass bottle with a dropper cap. There is a label on the bottle with the Cosmic Fog logo as well as other information about the product like its VG/PG ratio and more.

Cosmic Fog is well-known vape juice maker and lives up to the hype. All the e-liquids from this company have the same excellent flavor. Cosmic Fog is one of the best-selling e-juice lines in the business.

You can get a 60mL bottle of Cosmic Fog’s Milk & Honey for only $20.99 at the Smoking Things vape store. This is a good price for a premium vape juice.